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Buying Kerosene & Red Diesel from a Power Service Station?


You will be required to provide information about you and the use of the fuels. If you do not provide this information the sale will unfortunately be refused.

  • Every customer will be required to complete a "Customer Declaration Form" for each transaction.
  • Please answer in full, you will need to supply your Full Name, Address, Vehicle registration, Telephone number & The reason for the use of Fuel.
  • You may be required to show confirmation of your address, or your business. (DVLA Driving Licence or Supporting Business Card)
  • Suspicious attempts to purchase Rebated Fuels will be reported to HMRC & Sussex Police.

What are the permitted reasons for using Red Diesel?

  • Agriculture
  • Horticulture
  • Aquatic Farming and Forestry
  • Travelling Fair/Circus

What Vehicles can use Red Diesel? - Examples listed below, but not limited to.

  • Agriculture Vehicles - Tractors, Quad Bikes, Lawn mowers & any other vehicle used for the purpose of the allowed sector.
  • Digging Machines, Mobile Cranes, Mobile Pumping Vehicles, Work Trucks (not used on the road), Road Rollers.

Red Diesel can be used for Heating and Electricity generation by the below used only.

  • NON-COMMERCIAL Heating or Electrical Generation (Houses, Government Buildings, NHS, Schools, Town Halls, Libraries, Places of Worship, Charity Run Education Establishments, Museums and Independent Schools)

What is the maximum volume of Red Diesel that can be purchased?

  • Power Service Stations will only authorise sales of 100L or Less.

No other use of Red Diesel is permitted other than those listed above, any attempt to purchase Red Diesel for other uses will be refused unless a valid HMRC permit is presented.

Who can buy Kerosene?

  • Residential and Commercial premises can purchase for heating purposes only.

What is the Maximum volume of Kerosene that can be purchased?

  • Power Service Stations will only authorise sales of 100L or Less.

Any attempt to purchase Kerosene for a purpose other than Heating, without a valid HMRC permit, will be reported to HMRC and Sussex Police.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding the sale or purchase of Rebated Fuels at Power Service Stations please complete the below form - our Staff cannot handle complaints at site.

Our Staff have the right to come to work and carry out their duties without any threats or abuse.  Verbal abuse or threats of violence will be reported to Sussex Police and could result in a ban from all Power Service Stations.  We ask that you respect our staff as they enforce the law on behalf of HMRC.



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